I ordered a rOpe chain *** it once and it faded when I contacted Them about it he was rude telling me I brought it to wear for a special eventand only to return wow really I will never order nothing from them again they have no customer service if you want good hip hop jewelry go to King Ice.c Om

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Fake complaint, hiphopbling.com treats their customers right.

to hiphopbling #1480906

No the complaints are real I myself spent over $1,500 with your company and I have items that are fading like the large 925 Jesus Piece it's turning silver the gold plating is cheap you could have kept it silver. If you want loyal customers stop treating them like trash. Or you guys will get exposed all over social media

to Anonymous #1509418

i ordered a watch from them it arrived broken and they ignored all my emails


We would not verify that this person is a customer. Looks like a competitor smeared our company in order to plug their website.

Unscrupulous behavior.

HipHopBling.com has been the #1 Hip Hop Jewelry Site Since 2003.

Serving well over 150,000 Customers, HipHopBling.com offers superior quality and value. We are committed to giving our customers a great shopping experience.

to hiphopbling #1480902

No your *** fades bruh. Even your 925 Silver fades after 3 or 4 months then you say no return boycott hiphopbling

to hiphopbling #1480904

Your jewelry is *** and it fades even the expensive 925 Silver fades then they say no return or exchange. The fakest jury on Earth can last 30 days without fading so that's why you say 30 days for a return. Your company is a scam and I will make sure every artist knows this.

to hiphopbling #1517009

I’ve been contacting you guys for the longest and still no answer. That number has to be fake. And I am a customer unfortunately, scam


HipHopBling.com offers the best Hip Hop Jewelry at unbelievable prices. HipHopBling.com has thousands of styles of hip hop chains, watches, grillz, pendants, and more.

Check Youtube.com and search for HipHopBling review, you can see tens of thousands of positive reviews. This is a fake complaint to advertise for another company.

Very pathetic. "anonymous" haha, that means fake complaint.

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